Emily Anderson

Interior Designer

Emily’s approach to Interior Design stems from an upbringing in a grounded family that works hard and takes pride in their work.  Intentional, thoughtful consideration is always given to those affected by their work.  Early on, Emily became accustomed to paying attention to details, no matter how small, through a variety of work experiences in design. While she’s acquired several new skills as a result of her experiences, for her, creativity comes naturally. In addition, Emily’s background in Fashion Studies gives her a unique edge and perspective from a design standpoint. 

Her interests in graphic design and fashion have turned to visions. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she enjoyed hobbies such as being outdoors, bike riding, camping, and exploring new places. This has not changed.  Her world has become bigger, but her place in it has become more defined. Emily will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture from Columbia College Chicago in the Fall of 2017.  After graduation, she plans to stay in Chicago to begin her journey toward a career in the interior design industry.