Chief Morale Officer

Winston has been with Foster Design Build for 14 dog years and serves as the Master of Client Relations and Office Food Management.   As a skilled negotiator, Winston’s ambitious appetite for both the edible and non-edible has lead to a very successful track record of bartering office supplies for treats.  Winston doesn’t just think outside the box, Winston tears the box into pieces under a desk.  The master of diversion is most motivated by head scratches, belly rubs, and has never met a biscuit he didn’t like.  He takes meetings in the office and at the local dog park twice a day, and in his free time he loves to vacation on the farm with his friends. Winston is an avid recycler of napkins, and is a key player in local neighborhood watch. Winston enjoys hallway lap exercise and ball retrieval as a means of motivating the team. He is an avid zen and meditation napper and encourages all team members to meditate through the means of canine head massage. His contagious smile and tail wag are a welcome event at the office each day.